Rise of an Empire

I saw a trailer today for a sequel to 300.

To be honest; it looks lame.

One thought I did have though, relates to the title:  ‘Rise of an Empire’.  It seems to me that this would be a great title for a film about Athens, telling the history of the Delian league.

Starting in the aftermath of the Battle of Plataea it could tell of the formation of the league, the early successes, the refusal of Athens to let people leave, the wars to oppress their allies, the harsh terms placed on their allies.In effect, the transformation of the league into the Athenian empire.

Clearly it would be more political and less of an action movie, but I think it could be a great film, or even a great mini-series, which spans three generations of Athenians.

If anyone is feeling inspired, then why not take on such a project?


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