About the setting

This is set in a fantasy world of my own creation.

The Vale of Glas is a temperate region.  The Glas river flows through the region, opening into a wide, shallow valley.  The valley floods every year.  The towns are either raised on stilts, or settled in the foothills of the surrounding mountains.  Because of its geographic isolation, it was easy for whoever controlled the region to hold it against outside invasion.  The main economy comes from fishing, rice farming and goats (in the hills).  The area has an unusual geology, which causes sheer rock cliffs to rise up out of the flat valley (much like the Guilin region of China)


Guilin 2HK-L-361

On one of those isolated peaks a fortress was carved into the rock.  It is known as The Wyrm’s Head and was the stronghold of the Dragonblood Throne.

For centuries the region was ruled by a family of warrior sorcerors, allegedly descended from a golden dragon.  Because many of the kings have taken servants to their beds the region has an unusually high number of people with the potential to be sorcerors.  By tradition the king should be the son with the best potential as a sorceror, so as to keep the bloodline strong.


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