The Characters

The main characters start off at approximately 10th level, in game terms.  This is really only a guideline, as the campaign isn’t being played out.  It is just to give myself a sense of what their abilities should be.


Cavalier, dedicated to the god of war.  He lives for battle and is fanatically dedicated to his faith.  He is an utterly ruthless fighter. If he wasn’t so fond of violence and so merciless in battle, he would have probably been a paladin.  Very high physical stats, good charisma.

(may be better to have abilities of order of Lion, rather than order of Star.  Make him dedicated to whoever is the rightful liege.  Since game mechanics don’t really matter I’m not too worried about this.)


Cleric of the god of war.  High wisdom, all other abilities above average.  He loves to study strategy and tactics, is a great judge of people and is very cunning.


Wizard, concentrating on enchanting.  He is obsessed with his experiments and uses lots of dark, amoral, forbidden techniques to aid his magic.  He prefers not to get directly involved, unless necessary.


Draco’s cohort.  A bard.


Ancalagon’s cohort.  A fighter / ranger multiclass and Student of War (prestige class)


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