The gods

The Triumvirate

The religion which is the most aggressively expansionistic is that of the triumvirate.  Their followers believe that the world is tainted and corrupt and that all who dwell on it are impure.  Even the gods of the earth are flawed.  Only the celestial gods are perfect.

The triumvirate began as an alliance between the followers of The Sun goddess, the Moon goddess and the goddess of storms.  These three gods, from their dwelling place in the heavens, are believed to be ideally placed to watch the earth, to assess the needs of the people and to provide the guidance needed.

Their followers have become expansionistic in trying to control the world, so that it can be governed according to the will of their gods.  Since the godeses are gaining many new supporters, they are happy to encourage the mortals to continue in their expansion.

The Sun goddess is seen as being vibrant and beautiful. A life giver and a healer.

The moon goddess is the mistress of secrets.  She is ever changing and mysterious.  She is a goddess of magic and protector of women.  Since she vanishes every month, she is also the goddess of invisibility and of assassins.

The storm goddess is full of violence and rage.  She lashes out indiscriminately, with winds and lightning.  She is said to have power over the god of the seas, who was once her lover.  Having been jilted, she likes to lash out at those who travel the seas without warning.  She is by far the most violent of the three and is seen as the patron of those who fight for the triumvirate.


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