Historical background

The Old North refers to the Celtic kingdoms in Scotland.

The Picts occupied eastern scotland

The Scotti from Ireland had conquered much of Western Scotland

Northumberland was being ruled by Angles, were were mixing with the locals and spreading their influence.


Scotland AD 590

Greatest king is Urien of Rheged

Rules area from Glasgow to Mancuniam.

Royal seat at Dun Rheged (Dunragit in Galloway)

Major city is Caer Ligualid (Carlisle)


Uriel is allied to

Rhydderch Hael of The Rock

Guallauc of Lennox

Morgant of South Gododdin

Aed MacGabrain of Argyll

King Fiachna of Ulster

In 590 they attack Bamburgh, to try to drive out the Angles

Somehow capture the castle

The remnants of the garrison hide on Medcaut (the island of tides) aka lindisfarne

Uriel besieges Lindisfarne

Is close to victory, but assassinated by the jealous Morgant.


Rhydderch, king of Cadzow (south of Glasgow) King of The Rock

Name sometimes written as Roderc

Married to Queen Languoreth

Languoreth has an affair with a soldier and gives him a ring.

Rhydderch’s advisor is St Mungo (a very old man)

Ring found inside a fish and they are both forgiven


Saint Mungo aka Kentigern (the chief lord)

Died 613, aged 95

Illegitimate child of the exiled queen Tenew of Lleddiniawn

Spent most of life in Gwynedd, in Wales, under St David

Founded a church at Glas-gau (green meadow) at Rhydderch’s request

Advisor to Rhydderch Hael


After the assassination the kings get to fighting amongst themselves for years.


10 years later:

St Augustine’s mission in Canterbury is seen as heretical by the Celtic Catholic Church.

Yrfai, son of Wulfsten, lord of North Gododdin

Assembles 300 greatest warriors to his hall

Feasts them for months

Princes from Pictland and Gwynnedd join him

As does Cynon, son of Clydno Eidyn, lord of the rock

Cynon of the rugged brows

And relatives Cynfael and Cynfeli

Deployed as an elite cavalry group

Called selves Y Bedydd, the baptised

All are high ranking chiefs etc

To defend against Anglian Gentiles they attack the Angles

Event in “The book of Aneirin”

Fight an Anglian force at Catraeth (Catterick)

All but 1 man killed.

Leads to large Anglian expansion and conquest of the Old North





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