Dracula’s henchmen

Whilst the first season is being shown and filming continues for the second season of DaVinci’s Demons it is nice to reflect on the fun which was had whilst working as an extra during the first season.

I was one of nine extras working as ‘Vlad soldiers’.  Henchmen to Vlad Dracul, known as the impaler, or more commonly known as Dracula.  He featured in episode 6 of DaVinci’s Demons.  Filming for the interior scenes took place in Caerphilly Castle, whilst the exterior scenes were filmed at Castel Coch.

968804_525046744218031_551722340_n (1)


I really liked the costumes.  The helmets were cheap, plastic and ill fitting, but the leather jacks, with the dark blue kaftans and the leather cloaks not only looked great, but they were really warm.  All those layers really helped when we were lying ‘unconscious’ in a courtyard for six hours, at night, in the rain.

960263_318491188283506_916753533_nin Caerphilly castle



249001_525046824218023_1188439508_nThey wanted people with dark hair and beards, to have a wild, Eastern European look.  We were meant to be from Wallachia, or Transilvania.  These two both do a lot of reenactments and really looked the part.    Bruce, on the right, is a medieval reenactor.  His companion works as a ‘pirate’ tour guide, showing people around old tall ships.



There isn’t really much that can be said about this, which is of interest historically.  It is much more of a Renaissance fantasy, but now that the series has aired it is finally ok to share a few of the photos.